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The mind-bending sculptures of Jonty Hurwirtz   


2008 | Copper and Chrome

Kiss of Chytrid

2009-2010 | Resin, Powder and Steel

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Guy Talks To His 12 Year Old Self 20 Years Later

I made lots of videos when I was 12 years old too, but sadly, I don’t think I kept track of any of the tapes, and I certainly didn’t have anywhere near the insight to make something like this.  Pretty damn impressive, hats off…

Also worth mentioning, this caught my eye because it’s sorta like LOOPER.

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Music Video of the Day: For their latest music video-slash-Chevy Super Bowl ad, OK Go drove down a two-mile stretch of desert lined with 1,000 instruments in a Chevy Sonic fitted with retractable pneumatic arms to perform a very complicated version of “Needing/Getting” that took four months to prep and four days to shoot.


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Dance troupe Team Iluminate use a darkened stage and timed LED’s to great effect, similar to the black art in stage magic.

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Music Video of the Day: OK Go’s latest viral-ready music video finds the foursome decked out in bodysuits, writhing around with members of the contemporary dance company Pilobolus to the tune of “All Is Not Lost” off Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.

Make sure to check out the video’s interactive version. It’s way cooler.


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Shadow Swordplay of the Day: Samurai Peter Pan battles his shadow.



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This Looks After Effect’ed of the Day: Sam and Niko (AKA Corridor Digital) unleash their latest Freddie Wong-endorsed VFX showreel, “Graphic Violence.”

See Also: Video Game Cheats in Real Life.

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Daito Manabe creates a kind of shocking drum machine in his new project by combining his electric stimuli work with a myoelectric sensor.

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17 December 2010 daito manabe fun experiments creative electronic art

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Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers Funny Videos | Other | Random Weirdness

Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers is a short film by Ole Simonsson and Johannes Stjarn of the upcoming “Sound of Noise” about a bunch of musicians who break into a flat to make music.


15 May 2010 videos short films odd fun creative music related

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LUCIA (Lucía, Luis y el lobo - Part 1 of 2) (Part 2 here)

by Niles Atallah, Cristobal Leon & Joaquin Cociña

Lucía is the 1st short video of the 2-part series “Lucía, Luis y el lobo” (”Lucía, Luis and the Wolf”). The video was shot frame by frame with a digital photo camera. Materials: charcoal, dirt, flowers, found objects and cardboard.


LUIS from diluvio on Vimeo.

4 May 2010 videos short films animation stop-motion eerie creative

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Lights Out: I watched a stop-motion video which skirted the laws of space and time, and all I got was my lousy mind blown.


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Cool optical illusion, bro.


Simple yet effective.

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OMG! Adorbz of the Day: You are now dressing your hand up like an adorable big-headed ninja.


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VIDEOGIOCO - animation and concept by Donato Sansone.

Nice, original and twisted.

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